About Us

Welcome to Getdubaivisa.com

We are a specialized service provider for Dubai Visa. In years of experience, we have scaled an immaculate acme of services in the said domain of our expertise. The journey of our operational excellence since we stepped into the Visa service has been phenomenal, and this is our customer-driven service, which has set us apart in today’s cutting-edge market.

Considering our ongoing serviceability supported by our in-house professionals, faster Visa processing, advanced technology, rigorous sanctuary of the client data and cost-effective service, we are striving and expectant to sustain the momentum of our operational excellence in future course of action as well. Moving ahead, the organisation will continue to excel its Visa service expertise in broader operational wings across the sphere.

Prospective applicants seeking a Dubai Visa can pay a visit at the BLS Dubai Centres. To keep a tab on the list of application Centres, Click here. As a leading Visa service provider, our prime endeavour is to make the complete Visa processing service effortless without getting our service standard impacted. Hence, applicants willing to apply for a Dubai Visa first need to read through the entire website information cautiously. Practising this further eases the complete Visa processing activity and also helps an applicant to comply with all the guidelines being stated by the relevant Embassy/Consulate.

To deliver an unmatched Visa services, we own a team of dedicated Visa specialists who takes care of the entire cycle of Visa processing with equal priority so that the propensity of getting your Visa rejected or delayed gets mitigated.

What drives you here to be part of our unparalleled Visa services?

  • Wide range of Visa issuance

  • Highest Visa approval ratio

  • Fast processing

  • Effortless steps

  • Affordable charges

  • Online Visa application/submission

  • Easy payment option

  • Pick your preferred available Airlines to fly

  • Diverse range of hotels and accommodations

  • “Meet & Assist” service at Dubai International Airport

Key pointers before applying for a Dubai Visa:

  • We render Visa applications for single entry only.

  • The final approval is at the sole discretion of the Immigration Officials, and once you submit the Visa application at the Immigration Department, you cannot claim your Visa Application Fee.

  • The processing time of Dubai Visa is subject to the working hours at Immigration (Sunday to Thursday only). However, the expected time frame of Visa issuance is 5-7 days (excluding holidays/Fridays/Saturdays) prior to arrival date, unless requested earlier.

  • All prospective Dubai Visa applicants are advised to apply for their Dubai Visas at least two weeks before their arrival.

  • On successful approval of your Dubai Visa, a copy of the same will further be communicated to your registered email address. Thereafter, you will be required to carry a printout of the Visa, which will allow you to access the Passport Control Section after arrival at the airport.

  • It is obligatory for the applicant age 60 years and above to upload their overseas travel and medical insurance along with the Visa Application. Besides, it is evenly mandatory for all Visa applicants to carry and submit a copy of their overseas travel and medical insurances.

About BLS

Our journey to its current market standing has been remarkable. It began operations in 1955.The first contract was that of providing visa processing services to the Portuguese Embassy in New Delhi in the year 2005. In a little over a decade, it has rapidly scaled up its operations across 58 nations.

Today, BLS International partners with twenty nine client Governments in the provision of outsourced visa and passport, front end and citizen, consular and passport, verification and attestation and E-Visa services. It manages administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to these services for diplomatic missions, enabling them to focus on key aspects of assessment of visa applications.

Building on these successes, in 2016, BLS International expanded its business operations to provide front-end and citizen services to State Governments in India to facilitate the realisation of the goal of transparent and accountable e-governance. It effectively supports State Governments in empowering their citizens through digital provision of over 223 services, through a single window, relating to diverse Government departments. In the near future, it hopes to scale up these services to a global stage.

Key drivers of the organisation’s success have been innovation in technology, proficient of its personnel, stringent security of the client data, superior quality of services, and benchmarking of all processes. Its proprietary technology platform has evolved through years of experience, as well a more recent mobile biometric service, has been a prime enabler in ensuring that client Governments significantly enhance engagement with their citizens.

Going forward, the company will continue to focus on technology-backed innovations and targeted services to expand its portfolio of offerings globally. BLS International is the only company in its domain to be listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The organisation is committed to good corporate governance, ethical business practices, and operational excellence as a means to create values for all its stakeholders.

The company is a part of the four decades-old BLS Group with a global presence and diversified range of services in polymers and petrochemicals, education, electronics, asset management, visa processing and management consulting.